Sponsorship Opportunities

The flagship IWA Cities of the Futures conference offers a range of Sponsorship packages allowing you to tailor your organisation’s involvement and maximise your corporate exposure. Your organisation will appear as a major industry player to delegates and other sponsors during the event, making an enduring contribution to your overall marketing plan. The benefits of sponsoring go well beyond the conference - reinforce your products and services as the ‘go-to’ brand for water professionals. You will take advantage of branding rights, targeted IWA promotions, online, and media exposure.

Reasons to become a Sponsor
1. Be part of the IWA Cities of the Future programme strategy to develop a progressive shared water vision amongst urban stakeholders.
2. Plant yourself firmly into the minds of key industry players and 300 managers, water professionals, urban planners and researches from around the world
3. Take part in world leading presentations on integrated water solutions and planning tools dedicated to sustainable water in cities
4. Be visible in an attractive programme with round table discussions and games to engage the audience in active participation
5. See your corporate branding on marketing collaterals and printed conference literature
6. Cross many markets; broaden your international reach
7. Be associated with industry-wide publicity in the water and urban planning sectors
8. Enjoy well-targeted networking opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring the conference Embrace the Water, please contact:
Magnus Arnell
Project Manager at SP Urban Water Management
Email: magnus.arnell(a)sp.se