Joint City-Utility Leaders Forum

Cities and utilities: a key partnership to build water-wise cities

12 June 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden
The IWA Cities of the Future conference Embrace the Water will host a Joint City-Utility Leaders Forum, to enable city officials and utility leaders to connect and forge successful partnerships in catalysing the transition to a circular economy for water-wise cities. City leaders (mayors, councilors, and heads of planning) and Utility leaders (CEOs, heads of departments) will contribute to this event by sharing their success stories and lessons learned, while identifying strategies to improve collaboration across institutions, spark innovation in urban water management and consider new business models. Attending this Forum will offer a unique opportunity to join the rest of the conference, built with an interactive programme to increase participants’ understanding of the benefits of collaboration across disciplines and scales. This event as a whole is part of the IWA Water-Wise Cities initiative, started at the IWA Brisbane World Water Congress and Exhibition, and based on the Principles for Water-Wise Cities.

RSVP to the City-Utility Leaders Forum by contacting Lisa Andrews IWA